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As of the moment I am sitting in my room killing time and I haven't posted a blog lately so I'll do one right now. And I've decided the topic is going to be on something I hate. And that something, especially as of the moment, is the Democratic party. This country really needs about 12-20 more years of Republican control of the three branches of government. And i say this as genuinely as I possibly can with somewhat of a straight face. I do have reasoning for this, as some of you know, because I certinaly do not agree with ANYTHING that the Republican party stands for. For there to be any actual progress in this country economically and socially, the Democratic party needs to be disbanded, broken down, and something else has to be created in it's place. The democratic party is sedative to the population as the Republicans take this country, along with others, and trash it. The Democratic party masquerades as an alternative to the Republicans, while in reality they are pretty much the same damn party.

Russ Fiengold recently made a call in the US Senate to censure Bush for breaking the law and going on with unwarranted secret wire taps on American citizens...and this was just a CENSURE ....Which means absolutely nothing. If he really wanted to hold Bush accountable he'd propose to send Bush to the International War Crimes Tribunal and hold him accountable for the mass murder in Iraq right now. But nonetheless, a censure is a baby step, a baby step that ALL democratic leaders are cowering away from, claiming it isn't a intelligent political move on Feingolds part. Intelligent political move? Theres a fucking reason why this lame ass party doesnt have a majority in any branch of the government. Most of them only as of late have come around to being critical of the war because majority of the American population has come around to the realization that this war was a sham. This isn't a recent insurgence based on moral or ethical beliefs, it's them playing opportunistic and safe politics. There is nothing principled about the party, they hold Bush accountable for the genocide in Sudan but they give Clinton a free pass over Rwanda.

So I believe that a prolonged Republican leadership over this sinking ship is the solution to the problem. The more they continue to fuck up this country and the speed it is going, the faster it will lead to the populace realizing what they have and act as a catalyst to real political change, not necessarily a revolutionary movement, but a reformation movement at the very least.

...just needed to rant, thanks for letting me waste your time.
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