Apathy is the death of Democracy (twiggyslilboy) wrote,
Apathy is the death of Democracy

So in about 6 minutes, Tookie Williams will be executed by the state of California. Arnold Schwarzenegger literally could have saved a human being's life with just a signature, but clemency was refused. It is incredibly unfortunate, and "Tookie" Williams case is a perfect reason why capitol punishment is cruel and unnecessary. America continues to be the only industrialized nation in the world that still practices this barbaric form of punishment. Even South Africa recently abolished capitol punishment. On most cases, even though I believe that the death penalty should be abolished, I can understand how some people could find closure in the execution of a horrid being, child rapists, murderers, etc. Though I hold no pity or sympathy for those individuals like that, I still believe an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind. But on this case, the case of Tookie, who became a product of racism and poverty, made extremely horrible choices in his youth, which unfortunatly led to the deaths of 4 innocent people, for this he should serve the remainder of his life in jail, but the redemption and the good that came out of this individual after a little self reflection in prison over the past few decades alone should get him off of death row, there truly can not be anything achieved or accomplished with the execution of this man.

R.I.P. "Tookie" Williams...

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